Company Profile/ Who we are?

Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company is one of the leading suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical ingredients, and other raw materials in PRC.

Our experienced team of professionals distributes raw materials to all corners of the world and has a well established presence in the global market. Working both locally and internationally, we are well-positioned to support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. As a reliable and competent supplier of quality APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, excipients and specialty chemicals to various industries, we are able to partner with companies in their goal of improving patients’ outcomes through the availability of quality and efficacious products. We have built up a significant catalogue, through our partnerships with API manufacturers, of the most in demand APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates as well as quality excipients necessary for augmenting your formulation process. These include APIs found in anti-inflammatory, pain management, anti-microbial, antiretroviral, antihistamine therapies and more.

Our excipient catalogue includes, among other things: binders, fillers, preservatives, disintegrants, coating agents, lubricants, colouring agents, flavouring agents, etc. At Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company, we value a customer-centric approach and, because of this, our highest priority is to meet your needs and create value, both for you as our customer and for suppliers. One way we aim to meet your needs is by providing all the chemicals necessary for your drug manufacturing. Through this your procurement process is simplified.

We maintain strong relationships with manufacturers of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and specialty chemical products, which we are able to leverage to source the best quality APIs and raw materials for our clients. One of our main goals is that we are a company who is able to offer value to our customers. That is why our supply chain process is built around accentuating the features that are most valuable to our customers. At Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company, we know that manufacturers are looking for cost-effective methods. We are able to offer our customers very competitive pricing because we work hard to source low cost, high quality APIs and intermediates while offering top supply chain services.

 Reliable Service

Carefully selected raw materials manufactured using GMP-compliant and innovative method

 Quality Products  

Superior services through innovative process technology

Vision & Values

At Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company, excellence and quality matter.


Our company centers around being a reliable and prestigious supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical ingredients, and other pharmaceutical raw materials in the global market.


Excellence matters at Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company. We commit ourselves to executing business with innovation, responsibility, integrity, and customer engagement. We know our customers value excellence and it is our desire to show it in every aspect of our organisation. Our values reflect this.

Our operations strategy, work ethics, and business are based on the following:

  • Excellence and Integrity–both are core values of our organization. All business at Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company is conducted in an ethically sound and excellent manner. It is essential that our mode of operations abides by all regulatory and legal requirements and that we implement supply chain practices which are ethical and world-class in nature.
  • Customer focused– Because we are a customer-centric organization, we build our processes and company culture around meeting the needs of the customer.
  • Innovation–Without innovation there is no progress, therefore innovation is an essential aspect of our business. Our employees are encouraged to be innovative, proactive, and forward-thinking in their duties. Innovation is especially important for creating opportunities for increased sustainability measures and to drive progress.
  • Sustainability–In our rapidly changing world, companies have a responsibility to consider the sustainability of their practice. At Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company, we take this responsibility very seriously. Sustainable processes are essential and impact our decision-making when improving productivity, expanding our reach, and promoting business success.
  • Eco-friendliness–Taking care of the environment for future generations is important to us. Our team is committed to seeking out and employing greener technology to reduce environmental harm in every way possible.

Business Segments

Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company sources and supplies APIs, excipients, and pharmaceutical intermediates worldwide. In alignment with our company’s policies and values, all our products are required to meet quality standards.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 88%
Pharmaceutical Excipients 95%
Pharmaceutical Intermediates 80%

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are single compounds, or a mix of compounds, responsible for a drug’s therapeutic activity. APIs come in liquid or solid form and are considered the most important constituent of a drug.

Worldwide, Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company sources and supplies APIs to several pharmaceutical companies meeting their need for APIs of different therapeutic classes. These include anti-inflammatory, pain management, restorative medicines, antimicrobials, antihistamines, antiretrovirals, etc. To meet our company’s high quality and excellence measures, all our APIs are sourced from GMP PIC/S compliant manufacturing facilities and meet quality standards.


Formulated alongside APIs, Excipients are the inactive raw materials used to aid the manufacturing process. There are different classes of excipients and they perform various functions. These include: enhancing the manufacturing process, prolonging shelf life of the product, improving the appearance, enhancing stability and bioavailability, and increasing the products final palatability. Excipients are pharmacologically inert, however, it is a requirement that they are safe and of a high quality.

The wide range of excipients available from Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company include fillers, binders, coatings, colouring agents, flavouring agents, preservatives, and lubricants.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Used in the production of APIs, Intermediates are building block chemical compounds. They are produced as by-products, created in the production process of the API.

Pharmaceutical intermediates are becoming increasingly popular in pharmaceutical companies as they are useful for research and development purposes. They are also used in the production of bulk drugs. Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company is a supplier of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates.

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In the last two years, Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company distributed more than 80 kinds of API products to over 23 countries across 4 continents.

Our technology

Global reach

We supply to anywhere in the world

Global reach

We provide regulatory and logistics support to both our local and international customer

Global reach

We use technology advanced systems to deliver quality.

Industries Served

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company’s major specialty is the pharmaceutical industry. With an ever expanding product catalogue, we currently supply over 80 APIs to pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as a wide range of pharmaceutical intermediates and excipients.
  • Agriculture

  • We are also highly sought out by the agricultural industry who look to us for chemical supplies for their various agricultural applications. We are partners with manufacturers of specialty chemicals. This means we can source high-quality agrochemicals and specialty chemicals for our customers in the Agricultural Industry.
  • FMCG Industry

  • The chemical needs of the FMCG industry are diverse and complex. To keep up with these complex demands, Jiyan Chemicals And Pharmacuticals Company maintains strategic and vast relationships with chemical manufacturers in Asia and all around the globe. Through these relationships.